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16.09.2019 11:57
Lessons of Herostratus: aggression as a factor of progress
Let's start with a fresh fire: On Saturday the world's largest oil refinery company Saudi Aramco was attacked by air drones − this is the most destructive accident in the oil industry of Saudis. Analysts estimate market losses approximately at 5 million Barrel/day, that is about 5% of daily extrac... Read more
09.09.2019 11:48
New-Brexit or Who framed rabbit Johnson
On 6 September, the House of Lords supported a bill that prohibits the country from leaving the European Union without an agreement with Brussels. Parliament has decided (options – to demand? to ask?...) to postpone the date of Brexit to 31 January 2020 if an agreement with the EU cannot be reached ... Read more
02.09.2019 11:44
British blackmail: prevention is better than cure
So … USA The sharp turn of the dollar was «false». Judging by nervousness, Trump is extremely disappointed with results of the policy of trade wars: the president had even to tell lies about carrying out telephone negotiations with China to hold the stock markets from the next disaster. Afte... Read more
26.08.2019 12:59
Messiah Syndrome as a market argument: dangerous, but so far effective
Fed and Jackson Hole Donald Trump declared himself the «chosen» Messiah in the struggle for a world economic order convenient for the USA. He needs a weak dollar, but alas, Powell's criticism is the weakest tactic. The Fed protocol was destroyed by one decision of the president, but if Donald (... Read more
19.08.2019 12:01
Speculators «keep» the market in a dangerous zone
Trump The president for the first time this year afforded some concern in connection with the fall of almost all share assets of the USA. On Wednesday Trump organized a teleconference with heads of JPMorgan, BofAML and Citigroup banks for clarification of the reasons of falling of the markets, ... Read more