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Market at the bottom: cruel a Study in Scarlet

However, the foreign exchange markets have reacted to a situation more wisely and quietly. Those, who have survived, wait for a large-scale correction. The combined picture of the sharpest fall of the DJ index during the performance of Trump in which he told about «the progress» and «achi... Read more

Market without optimism: FRS changes scenery, but not the scenario

Yellen said goodbye to FRS; the OPEC observes discipline, and in Venezuela everything is bad. The announcement of FRS did not contain surprises; assessment of risks remained invariable; FRS is sure of inflation growth; expanded discussion will be displayed in the protocol in three weeks. ... Read more

Is fecit cui prodest: there are no losers in fight for dollar

The current week assumes a set of fundamental factors in favor of growth of dollar. Participants of a forum in advance took positions from which it was possible to shoot successfully «home video» on «I Saw Trump!» in Davos. Apparently, the current American president reckons at all points ... Read more

An uppercut for the president or not to give money to Trump!

The pound has reached historical level before a vote of the 2016th and is almost ready to new fight for Brexit. The shut down of the USA will be the main driver of the market current week. This the first in the history of America «closing of the government» in a situation when one party c... Read more

Eurochinese gambit: Trump begins and loses

Only Europe generates a positive wave because Germany has fixed the first results, and for Britain, the new ideas have appeared. The result of a debate between the block of CDU/CSU of Merkel and SDP party of Schultz was the report in which the consensus on all issues of domestic policy is... Read more