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Diplomacy in chukhche style

Draghi has again proved the talent of the manipulator; the next step in trade war of the USA-China is taken; Korean "miracle" has come true, but it still not clearregarding profits. Analysts still argue in what genre − "fiction" or "fantasy" − it is possible to carry the central event of ... Read more

Trump Factor: the market is changing anger to the dollar

Kim Jong-un arrived for an audience with Trump. The hot week which opens sharp sale of risk will be in the markets. Increase in a rate of FRS at a meeting on 13 June is considered by the market and surprises are hardly possible: with a probability of 85-90% the rate will be raised on 0,25... Read more

Market in Search of a Scenario: Italian Drama and American Comics

The world prepares for sanctions against Iran; euro − to the debt attack, the USA – to important NFP. The hot summer will be on the markets. The FRS meeting minutes as of 2 May left a strange impression. FRS obviously happy with the current growth of economy, risks of strong growth of in... Read more

The market as a theater: «Chippolino» coalition and Big Brother

We wait for active drivers from OPEC, FRS, China and a situation with Brexit. The Italian eurosceptics continue to press on the European market. Last week information leakage about the agreement of «5 stars» + North League has led to panic and a sale of the Italian assets that gives to eu... Read more

Trade wars. Episode of III: Iranian subject

Trump increases activity before intermediate congressional elections in the USA in the fall. Formation of the coalition government of Italy between parties «5 stars» and North League has become possible after reciprocal concessions, in particular, after Berlusconi's consent to create an o... Read more