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«Rollercoaster» pattern: dangerously, but there is no alternative

Autumn despondency obviously does not threaten us. Stock indexes of America and Asia failed approximately for 5%; aggressive sales turned out to be a consequence of the sharp decrease in capitalization of the American market because of a collapse of the technological sector. The mistake in ... Read more

English topic or why the dollar loses growth incentives

NFP was ignored, Italy, Brexit and China are relevant. Active performances of Trump aren't expected. Key points of the current market: Brexit If a problem of the Irish border is to agree not only with the EU, but also with the British Unionists, then in the British parliament there wi... Read more

«Pay or go» policy: first results

FRS has surprised only with Powell's determination; Trump passes to telephone policy. The following victims – China and OPEC. Members of FRS haven't seen the need for updating the forecasts because of the lack of expectations for the sharp growth of inflation and structural problems for the ... Read more

Deadline as a weapon of economic aggression

China has received new duties; the summit of EU leaders on Brexit became a failure; Italy tenses passions; FRS blackmails with rates. The outcome is expected before the end of the week. On Friday final data on recalculation for 2016-2017 from the Bureau of statistics of Italy have been obtai... Read more

The market of lost hopes

Any of processes of trade negotiations hasn't shown progress. Last week would be absolutely boring if not $22 million the defendant Manafort. The ECB and Drags haven't given the markets new information. Optimism concerning inflation growth, generally – thanks to growth of salaries remains, p... Read more