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The reality show opens: we hope for Trump

The doubting investors always vote by money. Last week members of FRS actively competed in forecasts - practically all currencies both were consolidated at the strong levels or turned against the direction of December. Strong volatility remains - we wait for May's performance on Brexit, Dr... Read more

The market sobers awaiting for Trump

The dollar moves on, but does not give up. FRS teases with protocols, Europe encourages by statistics, China lies about the reserves. So far dynamics of capital assets completely meets expectations of December of last year: growth in the stock markets, sales of bonds and speculation on oil... Read more

Opening of a season: events, purpose, trends

It is ungrateful to do long-term forecasts in our dynamic time, but we hope that the analysis of the forthcoming trends of the first half of the forthcoming year will help you to get your direction on the early trade start in 2017. So far the market sleeps, except the analysis we will try... Read more

2016: Results and Implications

Last year became the global crash-test for the world economy and the markets therefore are difficult to surprise with something. As a result the dollar is still stronger than the other currency especially because the euro will be concentrated on policy and financial risks next year, and th... Read more

You didn't have time to purchase dollar?! Then we go to you!

In spite of the fact that increase in a rate was already pledged in the price, and FRS behaved exactly as it was expected, banal desire to collect stops before New Year caused several local disasters. Now reasonable doubts concerning a trumpoeconomic aren't heard against the background of ... Read more