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By the rockets to market: the mission is declared and exceeded

The markets rushed about between China, the next attack of a trampomania, the Italian debate, but Syria was the last factor for falling of the stock market. On Friday night the USA, Great Britain and France have struck the coordinated air blow to the objects concerning production and use ... Read more

Market&Spiderman: whether Trump is ready to two-front war?

There is no fighting yet, but the markets teeter on the brink of a nervous breakdown. The American report on work appeared below the forecast (traditionally – because of weather), but hasn't caused accidentin the markets, expectations on growth of rates of FRS have almost not changed, the... Read more

Results of the first quarter: there is a lot of events, not much use

Italy opens the political trade; the subject of oil remains relevant. The markets prepare for spring approach. Despite weakening of the bull market, investors didn't hurry to transfer the funds to USD, instead, they bought euro and pound (including in cross with yen), being afraid of the ... Read more

To run or to attack: aggressive dollar looks for allies

The conflict between the USA and China escalates strictly according to the plan. New losses in Trump's team; the indistinctness of Powell`s position was led to escape from risk. Increase in a rate of FRS has been completely considered by the market, the accompanying statement didn't diffe... Read more

The announcement of spring: the markets wake up, look round and terrified

The policy continues to press on dynamics of capital assets and the European calendar sated with meetings is hardly able to add a positive to the markets. The markets have almost not noticed emergence in Trump's team of 70-year-old Larry Kudlow: a celebrity in the financial sphere and the... Read more