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Trump's epidemic: front reports support panic

The collapse in the market of oil has interrupted the growth of the S&P 500 index. The rally of the dollar to Turkish lira ricochets on the adjacent markets. Trade expansion of the USA broadens the base. Today's markets had to make the choice between war and a shame. Europe has chosen a s... Read more

All quiet on the western front: war of nerves continues

China with a problem of the growing yuan is in the center of attention, Trump with new duties, Italy with the new budget. The parties accumulate forces for the new attacks. Let`s remember the main events before the main military review: The meeting of FRS was unremarkable, there were no ... Read more

The market should dip into a pocket: the president wishes to cash the check

Trade wars will take second place – the markets will be focused on other events. We wait for a parade of the Central Banks and the next claims of Trump to the government. Trump realizes himself by any methods though periodically loses the argument. The idea of duties became for Donald the... Read more

Otto von Bismarck's lessons for the markets and presidents

«It isn't difficult to ensure the peace at all, for this purpose it is necessary to hang editors of all newspapers». Trump's tweet comments couldn't compensate troubles because of a meeting with Putin in Helsinki. And though Trump considers that media had to call his behavior with Putin di... Read more

European preference of Trump: make a large book

Japan is ready to agree, and China prepares backstroke. The aggressive criticism of the EU policy on NATO and demands to immediately increase a defense expenditure to 2% (and even better to 4%) of the GDP has only closed ranks of world resistance against Trump. Advertizing threats towards... Read more