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Truces not in a trend: we wait for results of local wars

NFP … was almost ideal, but investors preferred flight in state treasury bills of the USA and a decline in yield of papers promoted to the lack of demand for the dollar. Now it should be traced how this report will be treated by FRS – it is clear that with the current growth of salaries ... Read more

New Year's Eve Market: prizes for optimists and fines for losers

FRS bargains with Trump; Italy weakens, but threatens. Brexit waits for the result of a local parliamentary fight. G20 The final communique is crowded with the purposes on the future and practically does not contain a reasonable assessment of the present. It is supposed to fight against... Read more

The final saga on Brexit: victory or death?

The current week will identify priorities with a view to the next year. The Sunday EU summit took place in hot fights, but in general, it achieved goals; Britain and leaders of the EU signed the main agreement on Brexit and the declaration of future relations. The solution on the border with... Read more

The last chance for those who lack the trade drive

May achieved the Government's consent by rather an expensive price (Raab's and other`s resignation), and these victims are not the last. There are still no voices for ratification of the agreement in Parliament. Euro-skeptics still hope to change conditions of open border with Ireland and the... Read more

Trump, Italy and Brexit: three «sick» subjects of the autumn market

The week has opened on a negative on Brexit; Trump changes the prosecutor, and May loses ministers. Elections in the USA Republicans have strengthened the influence in the Senate of the USA (only Romney remained from obvious opponents of Trump), but the loss of the lower house will beco... Read more