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13.01.2020 11:29
All roads are slippery when there are no brakes
Iran The murdered General Suleimani remains a factor in pressure on markets: exporting countries loud in praises to him as a man who gave his life for oil, and the buying countries hate him for it. It is possible to consider the American impeachment as the root cause, but also the repartition o... Read more
06.01.2020 11:35
Dangerous quest «brave sheriff»: impeachment or war
Iran Yesterday, Iran announced its refusal to comply with the nuclear agreement, and US Secretary of State Pompeo believes that now any steps against Tehran can be considered «legitimate.» The killing of Qasem Soleimani increases the likelihood of direct military action in the region. Sanctions... Read more
27.12.2019 12:44
Results of 2019: directors and viewers
Euro The EU in the tariff war with the United States intends to drag out time until spring. Euro-asset volatility is underestimated, and risk-related assets are too expensive. The loss of investor interest in US stocks amid a slowdown in the US economy, lack of support from the Fed and overbought S... Read more
23.12.2019 10:59
The dollar is also sick: it is worth changing doctor
USA Alas, in 2019 the dollar lost such trumps as the FRS's aggressive monetary restriction, but the weakness of rival currencies, the reduction of foreign trade deficits, and the S&P 500 rally did allow it to feel confident. The American show «Impeachment» is developing in a depressive scenario... Read more
16.12.2019 11:18
Auction of miracles is closed: who received the bonus?
Philosophers believe that «A wonder lasts but nine days», but the events of the past week will be enough for the financial markets for a long time. So… Pound & Brexit The Tories received the necessary majority in the lower house of the British Parliament, so the opinion of the Eurosceptics on the ... Read more