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The market waits for spring: at first, we sell, and then we think

Investors didn't receive confirmation on the weakening of regulation, the aggressive fiscal and tax measures promised the USA, and therefore displace the positions opened on the Tramp speculation. The raw markets are nervous because of danger of failure of the settled commercial connection... Read more

Fair of mistrust or difficulty of currency transfer

The market doesn't trust any more: in a raising of FRS rates, in soft Brexit, weak dollar, cheap oil, the Chinese statistics, Trump`s immigrant policy and tax promises. Now everyone comments the currency rates, it disturbs real estimates and increases the risk of any transactions against t... Read more

Trump's magic as reason for speculation

Trump actively discusses, threatens and comments. The Bank of Japan made the decision to keep monetary policy without changes, Europe prepares for the new debt crisis in Greece, the parliament of Britain supported the bill of the start of Brexit in the second reading. But America in the cu... Read more

Candidate vs President: Trump changes rules of the game

The new U.S. President begins to build walls which are promised before elections. «Hawks» of ECB declare need of reduce euroQE, Yellen hardly restrains from obvious opposition. Great Britain prepares for the worst, May prepares the new base for the British corporations which will survive B... Read more

Tramp in the law or Hello Mr. Dollar

The market once again proved that currency rates should not be defined in the White House. And will not be. Expectations on high volatility did not justify, and loud statements concerning a new era of the American policy and the geopolitical relations remain expectations. Investors wait fo... Read more