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Trump on a warpath or who needs our scalps

DPRK stated that the complete plan of the attack to Guam will be ready to the middle of August. The minimum of sanity of both sides keeps the market in preventive panic, investors run away in assets without risk. The franc and yen will continue to become stronger to dollar, gold and silve... Read more

America in style «everything is OK»: the picture is spoiled only by Müller

The first payment for Brexit is defined; the Dow index on a historical maximum. August promises to be active. The evil tongues, long ago frightening the world by the recession in the USA, are disappointed again − the political situation could not exert a negative impact on the labor mar... Read more

The advice of the day: don't prevent to sell dollar!

The IMF has supported incentives of the ECB; euro celebrates the anniversary of «flight of a bumblebee». The dollar has again sunk against the main currencies after data on growth rates of economic activity. The meeting of FRS was pigeon concerning inflation and hawk concerning the time ... Read more

Market & Dollar: the patient is alive, but there are no tools to treat him

Draghi earns the capital for the ECB, Japan keeps rates; trade negotiations with hysterics and threats of the USA at the full tranquility of China. Attempts, at least, to correct Obamacare have completely failed in the senate in the evening on Monday. And whatever way they try to shift t... Read more

The main thing – maneuvers! A regrouping of forces before autumn approach

The main currencies have risen; the dollar has finished the auction with moderate decrease; the Bank of Canada has raised a rate; the dollar suffers from a lack of inflation; The intervention of the USA in the conflict with Qatar has allowed the quotations of oil to continue growth, the... Read more