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Democracy or Trump: elections without the choice

The American elections continue to hold the focus of attention and somebody expects on quite good bonuses from results. The report on labor market appeared confidently strong, having confirmed the need of an increase in a rate of FRS at least to neutral levels. The «election show» which is c... Read more

October didn't leave trumps to the markets

War with China presses on the American economy. We wait for NFP – the last control point before elections in the USA. Relevant crash in the stock markets – logical result of toughening of monetary policy of FRS and world banks. Powell's statement that FRS plans to raise interest rates above ... Read more

Chaos method as a weapon of market fight

Trump loses control over the ideas; OPEC defends and threatens. Level of a market entropy continues to grow. USA: FRS and elections The first analysis of judgements speaks about the most probable victory of Democrats in the lower house on the intermediate elections. Loss of control of T... Read more

«Rollercoaster» pattern: dangerously, but there is no alternative

Autumn despondency obviously does not threaten us. Stock indexes of America and Asia failed approximately for 5%; aggressive sales turned out to be a consequence of the sharp decrease in capitalization of the American market because of a collapse of the technological sector. The mistake in ... Read more

English topic or why the dollar loses growth incentives

NFP was ignored, Italy, Brexit and China are relevant. Active performances of Trump aren't expected. Key points of the current market: Brexit If a problem of the Irish border is to agree not only with the EU, but also with the British Unionists, then in the British parliament there wi... Read more