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11.02.2019 10:37:00 am
Trade in fear returns to the market
The USA and China are far from the agreement; Trump continues the war with OPEC. Financing of the U.S. Government comes to an end on 15 February. The U. S. Congress holds active consultations, but there is no positive news to Trump yet. The revolt in the ranks of own Republican Party reduce... Read more
04.02.2019 10:58:00 am
Fed vs Dollar: a game without trumps
NFP left confidently strong; there is no positive on Brexit, as well as progress in a trade war with China. Tomorrow Trump will perform with one more show in the Congress. After the meeting of FRS, even oil decreased on suspicions that the real situation in the USA is much worse than the act... Read more
28.01.2019 11:28:00 am
A market without positive: prevention is better than cure
Optimists try to manage the market, but their efforts are not effective yet. ECB … kept formulations regarding the rates until the end of summer; Draghi was full of optimism and preferred to speak about geopolitical, but not the European risks. Briefly: labor market grows in the c... Read more
21.01.2019 12:16:00 pm
Attention! The market comes out festive hibernation
May tries to save Brexit, and Draghi prepares a new portion of false optimism. The market comes out festive hibernation. So: USA The decrease in GDP of the USA in 1 quarter for 0.5-0.7% is the most modest assessment of the negative consequences of stress for the Congress. Trump has to... Read more
14.01.2019 11:24:00 am
Under the sign of Brexit: the form governs contents
Trump is not ready to admit defeat. But we are waiting for the signal for a new financial catastrophe from London. The market quietly perceived the protocol of FRS, Powell's performance on Thursday was more balanced, than a week before, market expectations on increase in rates slightly grew.... Read more