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10.06.2019 11:42
The market looks for the director, but all scenarios are negative so far
ECB Waiting for mitigation of policy of FRS, decisions of the ECB lose in price, the reaction of euro obviously differed from Draghi's expectations. Planned resignation of the head of the ECB makes his guarantees on the preservation of soft policy of the ECB insignificant; the June meeti... Read more
03.06.2019 11:14
The Art of trade War: no end of losses, victimsare not uncountable
Main painful points ECB Practically with equal probability, the meeting on 6 June can be either «empty», or declare a new package of incentives for maintenance of growth of economy and inflation. The decrease in forecasts for GDP growth of the Eurozone for 2020-2021 (adversely for euro... Read more
27.05.2019 12:07
Brexit sacrifice a Queen
Financial markets experienced another tsunami, the correction affected almost all assets. There were several fundamental reasons, but in fact the excessive overbought was simply closed. So: Brexit May resigns on 7 June, but she will fulfill the premiere duties until the election of the ... Read more
13.05.2019 12:22
Chinese attack on Trump: shah or castling?
Duties and sanctions strongly hold attention focus. China One week prior to signing of the global contract, China (under the personal order of Xi Jinping) have made changes to all sections of the agreement by way of the diplomatic letter – all made progress was cancelled. Economic advis... Read more
06.05.2019 11:41
The dollar does not lose optimism
But large participants quickly locked in profits on a first thorn, and the next weak report of ISM services against the background of performances of members of FRS accelerated decline of dollar on closing of week. Market expectations on increase in a rate are estimated as zero, chances highe... Read more