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The rustle of money and metal in a voice: if Yankees like these, then we will be at war

Strong NFP disturbs FRS. The markets enter the period of a constant stress. Draghi has managed to cross out the growth of euro after the publication of the statement of the ECB. In the conditions of trade wars of Trump very strange that forecasts of the ECB for GDP growth of the Eurozone ... Read more

Omnes viae Romam ducunt: the Italian subject is a market trend

Japan hints at a turn of monetary policy. Misunderstanding of common goals in the course of Brexit amplifies. Politicians begin to shake the markets actively. Voting precincts in Italy were closed today at 11:00 (CET), the first exit polls show leadership of the coalition of Berlusconi (f... Read more

Italian prelude & Chinese waltz

Europe stood waiting for the Italian and German news. Open week prepares the markets for the strong movements after the events in Italy and to vote of SDP party on 4 March. The protocol of FRS looks more aggressive concerning revising of forecasts for growth of the economy and, as a resu... Read more

Active February: permanent wars without the victims and winners

Europe was got involved in a new scandal with London; the yen continues to try the patience of the Japanese officials. The dollar has updated three-year minima to a basket of currencies, the macroeconomic statistics strengthens expectations that the ECB and BOJ will soon be developed from... Read more

Market at the bottom: cruel a Study in Scarlet

However, the foreign exchange markets have reacted to a situation more wisely and quietly. Those, who have survived, wait for a large-scale correction. The combined picture of the sharpest fall of the DJ index during the performance of Trump in which he told about «the progress» and «achi... Read more