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The closer the FOMC - the more angry speculators

Italy voted, the ECB reported, Brexit will be not later than March 2017, with all agreed upon oil, the dollar grows, the others - actively falls. We wait for the last performance from FRS. Ahead completion of trade year, activity in the market is off the charts, and for earnings on it ther... Read more

Solo italyano: Europe on a threshold of new problems

The OPEC suddenly pleased with mutual arrangements, and the referendum in Italy is strenuously untwisted as a new horror story for the EU. Draghi conducts fight for the destiny of monetary mitigation again - in Board of governors of the ECB with two representatives of Germany. The market a... Read more

Trump and deja vu of December

The market forcedly has a rest together with Americans, but now turkeys are eaten, the retail counts profits after «black Friday», on the agenda - FRS, OPEC and the last NFP of the current year. Anyway, still early to panic as the growth of dollar can be a temporary phenomenon. The last q... Read more

Who ordered strong dollar?

All trends began last week in force so far. FRS does not matter presidential elections, Merkel goes on the fourth term, the EU accepted the budget-2017, the Bank of Japan in silent panic. The dollar grows meanwhile and it is still difficult to understand who stands to the most profit from ... Read more

To each asset - on «tramp». Life goes on

The world outlived the next shock from unexpected election results in the USA: share assets and all base currencies crashed, gold and treasury securities of the USA jumped up in the price. Politicians in panic, investors in confusions, the business, which staked on Trump, is quite happy. T... Read more