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Lessons of elections: Tories begin and lose

The policy continues to generate volatility. A series of terrorist attacks in Great Britain has significantly influenced a pre-election situation; last week, except the English elections and Draghi's performance, there was an excellent opportunity to earn on sales after the Canadian NFP a... Read more

Week of the European choice: the bargaining continues

May results of NFP have again collapsed dollar; Trump introduces the trade habits in foreign policy; France and Britain fade in the run-up to the parliamentary elections. Despite arrangements of the Secretary of State and daughter adviser, an exit of the USA out of the Parisian a... Read more

Exchange maneuvers with a distant aim

The main markets remain on local maxima (except oil); large investors and the leading banks maintain speculative demand for Bitcoin; Trump brings the first international victories to home; the decision of OPEC, despite the quite expected result, has disappointed investors. In r... Read more

The market in an anti-trend or how Trump dollar dismissed

The dollar hasn't come round to the end of the week - investors actively ran away in assets against the background of the American impeachment. Euro trades higher than expectations against the background of inflation growth. Results of investigations in the USA will be a major factor of p... Read more

New round in a match of FRS-ECB: the markets need the hero

On this background, the market has almost not reacted to an explosion in Rome, the decision of BOE and oil speculation. Trump fired the head of FBI James Comey for not clear reasons against the background of the spy scandal: the situation looks as if this investigation could si... Read more