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12.08.2019 11:21
The Italian crisis opens an autumn season
Italy Matteo Salvini's decision to break the government coalition pursues the banal aim − to use the current popularity of Liga party, but the prime minister Conte refused to resign without a fight. The budget of 2020 became a subject for the conflict: there is no money to reduce the taxes, ... Read more
05.08.2019 11:55
Diplomacy of threats is inefficient, but the market after all wants war
Painful points of the market only three: FRS Fed, as promised, corrected a rate for 0.25% to the range of 2.00%-2.25% (further decrease is improbable) and also changed correlation in the markets, having tied decrease in a rate to trade wars. The refusal of reduction of balance since August... Read more
29.07.2019 11:58
Parade of Central Banks: a time to gather stones together
The United States refused to regular currency intervention.The ECB kept the stakes, but his American vis-a-vis is more in a forceful mood. The main painful points remain and new solutions to problems have not yet been found.So: FRS As part of the basic program, the Federal Reserve will de... Read more
22.07.2019 11:46
Active bluff as a market factor: we do not trust, but we consider
So … Euro The final task of Draghi − to start the process of decrease in a deposit rate at least for 0.20% and the new program euroQE with revision of limits on the purchase of state treasury bills of EU countries. Germany already states that the leaving leader exceeds authority, limiting t... Read more
15.07.2019 12:09
On the agenda − an active storm without destructions
FRS Powell does not expect a confrontation with trade policy of the government; this thesis became the only logical statement of the head of the Federal Reserve against the background of the fact that the index of FRB of New York showed 33% chance of approach of recession in the USA in the n... Read more