MetaTrader 4 for iPhone and iPad

The popularity of MetaTrader 4 among Forex traders, as well as wide-spread distribution of electronic gadgets allowing to use all the advantages of mobile trading stipulated the development and implementation of a special modification of MetaTrader 4 for Apple devices operating on iOS operation systems by MetaQuotes Software Corp programmers.

The functional capabilities of MetaTrader 4 application for iOS allow the trader to get information from financial markets in the real-time mode, use the tools for technical analysis of charts, look through the history of completed transactions, predict future tendencies in the market by menas of indicators, oscillators, Fibonacci levels, and other technical analysis tools, as well as carry out trading operations with the use of all types of orders available in the table version of MetaTrader 4.

For those who are far from their table computers or do not want to install special software on it, MetaTrader 4 version for iOS is an ideal solution allowing to carry out remote transactions by means of a mobile phone. Along with modification capabilities and removal of pending orders (Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy Limit, Sell Limit) and stop orders (Stop Loss, Take Profit), the mobile terminal on iOS allows to control the change of balance and amount of funds on the account, as well as actuation of placed pending orders and open trading positions.

MetaTrader 4 application interface for Apple gadgets is supported in 12 languages, in particular: English, Chinese, Turkish, Czech, Russian, and other languages. Periodic updates are released for this application.

Functional capabilities of MetaTrader 4 for iOS:

  • Monitoring of current quotes in the real time mode;
  • Use of all order types available in MetaTrader 4, including pending and stop orders;
  • Carrying out transactions directly from trading tool chart;
  • Servers of all Forex brokers that have corresponding license form Meta Quotes are accessible from one application;
  • Market Execution and Instant Execution order execution types are supported;
  • Access to the history of completed transactions;
  • Dynamically updated quotes charts with scaling capabilities and scrolling in the real time mode;
  • Possibility of using thirty most famous technical analysis indicators needed by traders;
  • Graphic analysis of the market can be carried out with the use of seven time frames (time intervals): one-minute, five-minute, fifteen-minute, half-hour, one-hour, four-hour, one-day;
  • Flexible setups of graphic reflection of technical indicators (line thickness, line types, line color);
  • Three ways of graphic interpretation of market data are available: lines, bars, or Japanese candlesticks;
  • User-friendly program interface;
  • Possibility to work with quotes and charts in off-line mode;
  • Support of push notifications from services and platform desktop, including the possibility of repeated viewing of notification already received. Notifications received are classified by five categories ("community", "chat", "terminal", "broker", "others");
  • Possibility of chat communications with users registered in

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