About Us

General information

Services are provided by the company xChief Ltd (Reg.number HY00923433) is licensed by the Mwali International Services Authority as International Brokerage and Clearing House pursuant to International Companies Act 2006. In order to carry out transactions with currency contracts and metals, the company's customers are offered the most popular platform in the area of forex trading: MetaTrader 4/5. In addition, the line of account types includes "cent" accounts, where the balance size allows for reduced investment risks and for testing trading conditions.

Target audience

While we value all our customers, this project has been designed first and foremost for experienced traders, whose knowledge and skills allow them to reap the benefits that xChief offers, to the fullest extent. However, considering high risks when carrying out operations at Forex, the company also offers "cent" accounts to beginners, which, on the one hand, allow users to avoid major financial losses, and, on the other hand, provide an opportunity for users to experience full the complexity of work with real monetary funds.


We aimed to provide quality and affordable forex services to physical parties and legal entities based on modern technologies in online trading. Moreover, in this project, special attention is paid to work with institutional clients, who want to provide the best trading conditions for their traders with the help of high liquidity and low spreads.


Involvement of additional providers, the search for new solutions, and the development of improvements for the liquidity aggregation technology are the current priorities in the development of this project. Besides the standard steps made for promoting this brand among its target audience, the company's aim is to have close B2B cooperation with large players for the sale of their liquidity on the basis of the developed high-technology infrastructure.