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17.02.2020 11:55
The market is actively ill: there is no immunity to risk yet
So … FRS Protocol, February 19 The January 29 document is hopelessly outdated even for analysts. The impact of the epidemic on the US economy could not be assessed before the release of statistics for February, and Powell’s position on the FRS's balance sheet was set out at a January press con... Read more
10.02.2020 11:56
Non olet! … or virus doesn’t hinder markets
We review strictly the strongest factors: Pound The Briton continues to fall amid mutual threats between the EU and Britain on a post-Brexit deal. Britain is threatening to raise duties on imports of France's products and Germany's cars, Macron wants to tighten the EU's mandate for any trade d... Read more
03.02.2020 11:54
«Free» Britain: victory or sentence?
The main theme of last week, of course, is British. Commemoratives in honour of Brexit were sold out in a matter of hours − the Royal Mint barely handled the orders. UK and EU begin to live separately, but a hangover after the festive banquet prevents assessing the prospects. Scottish nationalists... Read more
27.01.2020 12:13
Epidemic is developing, but the market is still stable
Euro and ECB The ECB left the policy unchanged until the US presidential election in November, but a global review of the strategy has been announced. The press conference of Lagarde disappointed. The new head of the Central Bank is not an economist, perhaps that is why many questions were not ... Read more
20.01.2020 13:14
Quid pro quo or speculation on someone else's optimism
Everything is fine in the USA − only the JOLTs vacancy report was very different from the rest of the statistics, hinting at a possible slowdown in the labour market. This means that in the absence of convincing evidence of the global economic recovery, the dollar will be in strong demand. USA ... Read more