"Fast Warren"

Fast Warren – is a two-week contest that involves "cent" accounts and allows to combine the usual trading on your account with the competition for a real money prize. The contest is held in two nominations - "The biggest profit" and "The highest turnover". The participant with the highest rating can be the winner in both nominations at the same time and receive a reward for each competition.

Contest features:

Prize fund $2100
Any trading strategies and robots allowed
Participation in the contest can be stopped any time with the funds saved
Two nominations and 10 prize winners
Prize money can be withdrawn immediately with no limit

How to participate

Sign Up and open “cent” account
Choose relevant account as a participant
Gain maximum profit or/and trading turnover
Become a winner and get the reward!

Terms and Conditions

  1. To participate in the contest you are required to Open a Live Account or use already existing account, which is satisfied the following requirements:
    • account type cent-MT4.DirectFX or cent-MT4.Classic+ ;
    • account currency USD ( US Dollar);
    • account must be with no open positions or/and pending orders, Active credits as well as Welcome Bonus.
  2. The account balance need to be exactly 10,000 (which corresponds to 100 USD). You are able to refill the account by any available option, including internal transfer between accounts. All the funds at the account are owned by the client and remain at his disposal without any limits!
  3. During the contest the balance transactions will be blocked: Replenishment, Funds withdrawal and Internal transfers. There is still a possibility to end the participation in the contest and therefore to remove all the restriction on the account.
  4. A limited list of pairs is available for trading at the contest account: Currency pairs, Gold (XAUUSD) and Silver (XAGUSD). Other pairs are blocked for the contest account.
  5. Any strategy or trading robots/advisors are allowed.
  6. Turnover Bonuses are assessed for trading on the contest account, partners get awards for referral turnovers!
  7. The contest is held within the period of 14 calendar days. Starting date and end date of the contest gained profit and committed turnover are displayed in the Personal Area of the participant in the Contest section.
  8. Prize fund is spread among the winners in accordance with the rating in two nominations: "The biggest profit" and "The highest turnover".
  9. Rating for "The biggest profit" nomination is calculated automatically on the basis of Equity on the account in the period of the starting date of the contest and current value. Profit = Equity - 10,000.
  10. Rating for "The highest turnover" nomination is calculated automatically on the basis of closed orders within the contest period. In this case trading turnover in USD is considered only for closed orders by the means of the addition of the turnover for two transactions: the transaction for order opening and order closure.


    BUY 1 lot EURUSD (1 lot = 100,000 EUR) order opened at a price of 1.1257 and closed at 1.1283. Trading turnover in USD for this order = (100,000 * 1.1257) + (100,000 * 1.1283) = 225,400 USD

    SELL 5 lot USDJPY (1 lot = 100,000 USD) order opened at a price of 109.806 and closed at 109.352. Trading turnover in USD for this order = (500,000 * 1) + (500,000 * 1) = 1,000,000 USD

    BUY 3.5 lot GBPUSD (1 lot = 100,000 GBP) order opened at a price of 1.2978 and closed at 1.2985. Trading turnover in USD for this order = (350,000 * 1.2978) + (350,000 * 1.2985) = 908,705 USD

  11. Winners in "The biggest profit" nominations get the following prize:
    • 1st winner = 400 USD
    • 2nd winner = 300 USD
    • 3rd winner = 200 USD
    • 4th winner = 100 USD
    • 5th winner = 50 USD
  12. Winners in "The highest turnover" nominations get the following prize:
    • 1st winner = 400 USD
    • 2nd winner = 300 USD
    • 3rd winner = 200 USD
    • 4th winner = 100 USD
    • 5th winner = 50 USD
  13. According to the contest results, each participant can receive two prizes at once according to his position in both ratings: "The biggest profit" and "The highest turnover". Prize funds are assessed to the contest account on the day of the contest stocktaking and are available for withdrawal.
  14. The Company has the right to reject the registrations of those clients, who have already won any prize in any prior competitions, in order to provide the same opportunities to new participants.
  15. Only one account from one client is allowed! In case the connection to the other contest accounts is found, the participants will be excluded from the contest. Accepting the terms of the contest, the participant agrees with the company's right to exclude any account from participation in the contest at any time and without giving the reasons.