Articles about economics

Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Unlike fundamental analysis, where the conclusion regarding this or another currency is made on the basis of offer and demand for this currency, technical analysis forms conclusions regarding currency rates on the basis of currency market of the previous periods.... Read more

U.S. National Debt

Despite the program for reduction of the national debt amount implemented by Barack Obama government, the majority of analysts share the same opinion: the total debt amount will only increase as in absolute amount, so in regard to GDP. According to some predictions, the U.S. national debt will be 130% of its GDP... Read more

Mortgage crisis: Consequences

Just in 2013, the number of the unemployed in the world grew by 5 million people; and by the results of the same year, more than 200 million didn't have a job. More than five years after the mortgage crisis and 2008 economic crisis that it caused, global economy growth rate was still insufficient for provision of the needed jobs... Read more

Mortgage Crisis in the USA

The crisis resulted in the reduction of the value of American’s pension accruals - from 2006 to 2008, the aggregate volume of those accruals decreased by 22% - by 1.3 trillion dollars.  The total amount of other private investments and savings decreased by 1.2 trillion dollars.... Read more

Reasons of American Mortgage Crisis

By 2006, the fifth part of all mortgage loans issued in the USA fell under the "substandard" category, i.e. that had a high default risk. In this regard, the total volume of funds of distributed mortgage loans was around 73% of the country's then-current annual GDP!... Read more