A Comprehensive Guide on How to Acquire Bitcoins Easily

In the early days, access to bitcoin wasn’t easy, and people had to jump through hoops to get some. Nowadays, even though access is still far from being ideal, options for acquiring and investing in bitcoin are greater than they were several years ago.


  1. How to Earn Bitcoin Easily
  2. Building a Website
  3. Buy Bitcoins on a Bitcoin Exchange
  4. Opening a Merchant Bitcoin Account
  5. Getting Paid in Bitcoin
  6. Playing Online or Mobile Games
  7. Completing Small Tasks on Websites
  8. Conclusion

The crypto ecosystem has grown exponentially, hosting a surplus of multiple exchanges and several cryptocurrencies that can be sold for fiat currencies. These developments have given people more access to interact and invest in bitcoin. People can now get bitcoin using payment methods such as debit and credit cards, ,PayPal, and bank money transfers.

How to Earn Bitcoin Easily

The most effortless way to get your hands on bitcoin is to earn it. Not a lot of people have the financial capability to purchase large amounts of bitcoins. Luckily, there are many alternatives available that make it easy for individuals to earn bitcoin. Interestingly, in some cases, you have to do almost nothing to start earning. ,Moreover, the options available are endless, and each option offers different benefits. Below we explore what options you have to earn bitcoins. They include:

Building a Website

If you have any knowledge about making money online, then you have probably come across the idea of earning through placing ads on a website. Fortunately, you can do the same with bitcoin by opening up a website that offers services surrounding bitcoin. For instance, you can earn bitcoin passively by signing up with a bitcoin-based ad network or taking up contract mining services that offer generous commissions. Such networks pay in bitcoin for every new subscription or click-through action on ads placed all over your site. This works especially best if your website is churning out useful bitcoin information. ,The more activity and click-through your content gets, the more bitcoin you can earn.

Buy Bitcoins on a Bitcoin Exchange

Exchanges are great platforms that can let you purchase bitcoins using fiat currency or other forms of digital currencies. They are known to be pretty quick as long as you are comfortable with the process. For instance, you will require a means of payment as they are online based, and you can’t use cash. Fortunately, some of these platforms allow you to pay via PayPal, Bank wire, credit, or debit cards. For example, the bitcoin site hosts a service where buyers can purchase bitcoin cash (BCH) and bitcoin with a credit card. ,The Bitcoin website also offers free bitcoin wallets which you can download to store your purchased bitcoins.

Opening a Merchant Bitcoin Account

For people with online shops and businesses, the best way to acquire bitcoins easily is to accept them as payment for products and services offered. You have to provide your buyers with the option to make payments in bitcoin. To make this happen, you may want to sign up for a merchant bitcoin account which can integrate bitcoin payments into your order pages. A lot of these third-party merchant accounts offer excellent merchant tools and account services. ,This is the easiest way to earn bitcoins without the hassles of mining or trading.

Getting Paid in Bitcoin

There is a giant online marketplace for freelance services ranging from website development to writing. There are hundreds of sites that connect freelance workers to customers who are willing to pay for services. Fortunately, there is a growing number of customers who are willing to pay workers in bitcoin, which is an attractive opportunity for those who wish to receive bitcoin online. Furthermore, unlike mining or trading, there is little, or no initial cost and some jobs can pay amounts of bitcoin worth dozens or hundreds of dollars. ,If you have any skill that others can find useful, you may want to render these services in exchange for significant amounts of bitcoin.

Playing Online or Mobile Games

Believe it or not, but you can earn bitcoins by playing online and mobile games. The only downside is that they pay deficient amounts of bitcoin. Moreover, they tend to serve users with a lot of advertisements. The advantage is that they make playing games a monetized activity which most people dedicate time to for free. And even though the small bitcoin increments don’t amount to much, it’s still better than playing a game for free. The most common of these games include digital casinos that use bitcoin as the main currency. ,For those who enjoy gambling, this is a fun way to win a higher payout in bitcoin potentially.

Completing Small Tasks on Websites

Another simple way to earn bitcoins is to complete micro-tasks on certain websites to earn bitcoins. Some companies, are willing to pay you in bitcoin to complete small tasks such as taking surveys, testing websites, viewing advertisements, or engaging with social media posts. Since the payouts are usually meager, the tasks are straightforward and often take a few minutes to complete. The tasks are paid in points that are worth between $0.03 to a dollar. ,To ensure the safety of your earned bitcoins, you may want to have an open bitcoin account wallet for safekeeping.


As much as there are ways to acquire bitcoin nowadays, there are as many scams to swindle you out of your hard-earned cash. Therefore, before investing or committing yourself to any scheme or program, be extra careful. Be wary of programs that promise significant returns in a short amount of time. For instance, HYIP bitcoin schemes contain a substantial degree of risk and should be approached with caution. Therefore, it’s imperative to conduct your research and avoid get rich quick offers at all costs.

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