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27.01.2015 08:31
Shock Eurotherapy and Greek Dessert
Judging by the rapid devaluation of euro, the trust to the last ECB argument is minimal. Purchase of bank bonds with negative profitability will not save the economy, and will not cause structural changes, although stock exchange assets will grow. Draghi is trying to buy time, postponing real decisi... Read more
19.01.2015 07:35
Bitter Swiss Cheese or Dollar Cheaper than Franc
It has been a long time since the financial world has experienced such a shock. Long-time trust to franc as the reliable protective asset was undermined by the regulator's "pirate" activities. As early as on last Monday, retention of euro balance was the basis of the monetary policy, then on Thursda... Read more
13.01.2015 07:56
The Policy of Reshuffling of Active "Ifs"
The market is still proving that no economy can be adapted to a scenario that is suitable for everyone. The year that began was advertized as the year of modification of interest rates and monetary tightening; however, some factors keep on emerging successfully shifting main issues to indefinite ter... Read more
06.01.2015 07:39
European Plans: Greek Salad and a Flight without Insurance
New goals are caused by old problems. The year that passed under the banner of US dollar strengthening reflects logically aggressive policy conducted by Europe and Japan. Closed and self-sufficient American economy will be quite able both to handle dollar growth and the upcoming rate increase, and t... Read more
30.12.2014 07:31
A Secret Budget or Why Euro Needs Other People's Money
The biggest information intrigue of the recent months is not quite the dates of American rate increase or the purchase amount in the framework of the European QE. It is the creative investment plan developed by Jean-Claude Juncker with the price of 315 bln. euro (around $390 bln.), announced back in... Read more