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06.10.2015 06:54
Poor dollar or winds will change
The market has waited for the negative regarding US dollar for so long that a weak report on labor market was worked off very actively and shocked investors, who expected rate increase in 2015. At least in October, we shouldn't expect any increase, and December is under great doubts. Such a NFP repo... Read more
29.09.2015 07:32
FRS and ECB: explain, threaten and fear
Last week was rich in statements and comments. By all appearances, FRS was not happy with the market response to its decision on the rate; therefore, it tried to distract the market again using discussions on rates, which meant "when", "how much", and the main thing - "why". All of that provided sli... Read more
22.09.2015 06:47
Jackpot has not been hit
The key moment of fall is over. The market has been hardly surprised that FRS has left rates at the previous level. The Federal Reserve has managed to achieve the impossible - to puzzle investors not with the consequences of rate increase, but rather with some global negative, which, for the first t... Read more
15.09.2015 07:23
In anticipation of FRS decision
The noise made by ECB has settled down, the election in Greece and talks regarding extension of Euro-QE until 2017 have not been in focus so far. The market is waiting for the event of the year - the decision regarding the American rates. The week was noted with a united opposition of interested par... Read more
08.09.2015 07:12
A new lie in the name of speculations
The market was simply in need of American weekend in order to calm down after the last week's commotion. Draghi made a gift to the market in the form of drop of euro by more than a figure, and NFP, again, did not add any clarity. Today, the market is coming back. A great master class of informationa... Read more