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31.03.2015 07:14:00 am
Japan: New Sakura and Economic Metamorphoses
Yen continues to grow against dollar. It can be explained by a number of factors - weakening of dollar, fall of oil prices, ending of the financial year, finally, by tradition. However, externally, the situation with yen does not dispose to that. Regarding dollar, it is clear that the terms of raisi... Read more
24.03.2015 08:24:00 am
QE will take Place?
The main event of the previous week: FRS predictably retained its interest rate and removed the term "patience" from its protocols trying to clarify the situation regarding increase periods and ... US dollar fell dramatically. Most traders and analysts were hardly "surprised" so much regarding the r... Read more
17.03.2015 08:08:00 am
The World Became Tired of Strong Dollar
This week, FOMC meeting will monopolize general attention, although American rates are becoming less interesting for the market. Last week, all the key persons made their public statements: Fischer, Bullard, Lagarde, Mester - all of them have nurtured prices before the event. It is clear that rate ... Read more
10.03.2015 12:33:00 pm
Launch of QE or collapse of euro?
Today, the policy of ECB, as a financial regulator, is connected to inflation values. It seems that everyone knew about it before Draghi's speech; however, judging by the market response, it was nearly for the first time that everyone understood the real «horror» of this condition. The sensation tha... Read more
03.03.2015 07:32:00 am
Spring Avitaminosis Europe in Search of a Remedy
Last week was quite volatile, and now the market needs a break for rebuilding of the leading trends. Europe is expecting not only QE parameter details but also the decision from ECB meeting on the reversion of rights to Greek banks for pledging of bonds against centralized loans. Again, we can see a... Read more