IB Pro Program

IB Pro affiliate program (abbreviation for Introducing Broker) is designed for both professional financial services market participants and individual traders whose income is constituted by agent's fees for attracting clients to the partner company, rather than by earnings from trade transactions.

A distinctive feature of IB Pro is the fact that the amount of remuneration isn't pegged to the number of clients attracted by the partner, amount of deposits, frequency of transactions or type of partner (web project, representative office, training center, rebate service, individual agent, etc.) The amount of remuneration depends exclusively on the referrals' trading turnover: the greater the turnover, the higher the remuneration rate (up to $15 for 1 million USD).

Our advantages

There is no requirement for minimum difference between order opening and closing price (MTP).
There is no requirement for minimum transaction duration.
Progressive scale of remuneration rates.
Unlimited amount of remuneration for each client attracted.
No secret terms and conditions or limits for remuneration withdrawals.

How "IB Pro" Works

Spreads your referral link
Traders follow your link and open accounts
Traders run transactions and generate the trading turnover
The partner get paid remuneration for the referrals turnover

Terms and Conditions

  1. For participating in the affiliate program, you need to Open a Live Account where remuneration will be credited to.
  2. In the Personal Area's Advertising Tools section, you will find banners and a unique referral link. All clients who use the referral link for visiting the company's website are associated with the partner when registering their Personal Area.
  3. The partner's remuneration is calculated and credited to the trading account by the end of each week, after the trading session closes. The amount of remuneration depends on the referrals' trading turnover in USD, calculated for orders closed within the target week: Monday 00:00:01 - Friday 23:59:59 (server time).
  4. Trading volume in USD of each order is equal to the total turnover under two transactions: transaction for opening an order and transaction for closing an order.


    BUY 1 lot EURUSD (1 lot = 100,000 EUR) order opened at a price of 1.3452 and closed at 1.3542. Trading volume in USD for this order = (100,000 * 1,3452) + (100,000 * 1,3542) = 269,940 USD

  5. The greater the referrals' aggregate weekly trading turnover, the higher the rate for calculating the partner's remuneration:
    Trading Turnover, USD
    Remuneration Rate
    Up to 100,000,000
    5 USD per 1 million USD
    100,000,000 to 500,000,000
    10 USD per 1 million USD
    Over 500,000,000
    15 USD per 1 million USD
  6. The partner may get detailed information about each Payout by clicking on its number in the section Financial statements .
  7. Payout credited to the partner's account can be withdrawn at any time without any restrictions.
  8. The partner's remuneration will not be paid for turnovers on the accounts with active $100 Welcome Bonus.