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When selecting a provider on the foreign exchange market, any potential client assesses the set of additional services that this or the other broker offers. A trader, in general, not only has the possibility of carrying out transactions with financial instruments, but also the availability of existing developed infrastructure of related services that would allow him to reduce the costs when carrying out operations, as well as improve the investment result.

Services of ForexChief clients

Deposit and Withdrawal . It is not a secret that the modern level of competition in the market of broker services forces investment companies to invest significant human and monetary resources into development of technologies that will provide more qualitative dealing to traders. However, a highly technological infrastructure for carrying out transactions on financial markets is not enough for confident competitive work. Not only the size of spreads or the speed of trading order execution is important for the modern trader; it is also how the trader can refill his account, how much he will pay as a fee, and, finally, how he can withdraw his profit avoiding large transaction costs. All this matters greatly. In order to resolve those issues, ForexChief offers traders several ways of refilling accounts and withdrawing funds; each of them has its advantages.

Welcome Bonus $500 . Each client of the ForexChief company has an opportunity to receive into the trading account MT4.DirectFX, MT4.Classic+, MT5.DirectFX or MT5.Classic+ a welcome bonus. The bonus is credited at the time of depositing and makes 100% of a deposit, but no more than $500 (or an equivalent in account currency). Afterwards you calmly test the company's services, market assets and your strategy, while earning real money and withdrawing it without restrictions. The amount of the bonus itself can be withdrawn after fulfilling the conditions for trade.

Trading Credits . In the conditions of ongoing competition among foreign exchange brokers, companies come up with various motivational programs, whose goal is not only engaging new traders but also increasing the trading turnover of existing clients. Among such programs, "the Rebate program" has been the highest in demand. According to this program, the trader has the opportunity to obtain additional funds for trading when refilling his account. Taking into consideration a high demand for such services among traders, ForexChief offers the "Trading credits" program to its clients; its terms allow the trader to gain additional income using the funds credited in the form of interest-free and perpetual loan.

Rebate Program . The growth of every trader's trading turnover has been each broker's goal; the purpose of growth is taking leadership positions in the market of foreign exchange services. For the modern trader who is able to have many accounts with various providers, it will not be difficult to transfer funds from one broker to another. Therefore, each company pays special attention, not only to keeping clients but also to various stimulation programs that motivate traders to have more active trade. In pursuing this tendency, ForexChief offers the "Rebates for turnover" program to its clients, whose conditions allow the trader to get additional income for effected transactions weekly.

Copy Trading . Trading signal service for traders operating via the MetaTrader4/5 platform MetaQuotes developers paid special attention to key elements of social trading - risk management and control over trading signal providers. This way, this service allowed traders to take trading to a fundamentally new level - gaining income using distribution of investment capital among various trading signals. The trader will not have to make risky decisions and effect transactions on his own any more. He will just need to choose a provider, whose results have objective values (operation statistics) and start copying a transaction.

Liquidity. This is the basic element of every dealing without which it is impossible to imagine quality execution of trading orders that come from clients. The liquidity of a financial instrument is determined not only by the size of spreads in the period of trading session, but also affects the level "slippages" and percentage of "rejects" that the trader inevitably encounters when working with off-exchange instruments. Within the last several years exponential growth has been observed in the market of institutional services in online-trading. This is due, firstly, to a large number of new players. Each liquidity provider who offers services to legal entities strives to sidestep competitors using low spreads and moderate fees. However, only a limited number of companies are able to provide quality service for moderate charges. When choosing ForexChief as a liquidity provider, you not only get aggregated price flow, but also around-the-clock support of experienced specialists, who are capable of solving any problems that arise in the shortest possible period of time.

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