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Market & Dollar: the patient is alive, but there are no tools to treat him

Draghi earns the capital for the ECB, Japan keeps rates; trade negotiations with hysterics and threats of the USA at the full tranquility of China. Attempts, at least, to correct Obamacare have completely failed in the senate in the evening on Monday. And whatever way they try to shift t... Baca lebih lanjut

The main thing – maneuvers! A regrouping of forces before autumn approach

The main currencies have risen; the dollar has finished the auction with moderate decrease; the Bank of Canada has raised a rate; the dollar suffers from a lack of inflation; The intervention of the USA in the conflict with Qatar has allowed the quotations of oil to continue growth, the... Baca lebih lanjut

The market in July: hot time of intrigues and expectations

Expectations of investors on dollar before NFP were underestimated because of failure ADP; we wait for the report of FRS before the Congress. Despite strengthening of basic price pressure, the ECB keep expressing carefully a possibility of monetary policy reformation. Tells the rapid gro... Baca lebih lanjut

Shock therapy or painful tests from the ECB

Heads of the Central Banks have managed to turn quiet week into the detective story: Draghi recognized the growth of the economy, Carney agrees to toughening, and Poloz considers low percentage effective; cancellation of Obamacare is postponed again; the stock markets of the USA and Europ... Baca lebih lanjut

Summer solstice: anniversary of Brexit and weak dollar

The summer mood is felt in the market.The pound holds leadership in volatility and keep suffer from disagreements in the Bank of England. Carney surely declares that there is no time for increase in a rate yet, but the chief economist and some members of the committee have absolutely di... Baca lebih lanjut