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The market in an anti-trend or how Trump dollar dismissed

The dollar hasn't come round to the end of the week - investors actively ran away in assets against the background of the American impeachment. Euro trades higher than expectations against the background of inflation growth. Results of investigations in the USA will be a major factor of pres... Baca lebih lanjut

New round in a match of FRS-ECB: the markets need the hero

On this background, the market has almost not reacted to an explosion in Rome, the decision of BOE and oil speculation. Trump fired the head of FBI James Comey for not clear reasons against the background of the spy scandal: the situation looks as if this investigation could si... Baca lebih lanjut

The Bastille has resisted: Europe doesn't trade in stability

There was a breaking of Macron headquarters mail on Friday evening, the documents claiming about the presence of certain offshore accounts have been published, but this information hasn't managed to affect the opinion of the electorate. Madam Le Pen recognized defeat already and has prom... Baca lebih lanjut

The French breakfast or waiting for a holiday on others street

Trump was flown around in anticipation of 100 days from the moment of coming to power: one day suggested imposing 20% tax on import of coniferous wood from Canada, another day forced Canada and Mexico to reconsider cooperation within NAFTA, almost promised (in an interview with Reuters... Baca lebih lanjut

Time of troubles and contradictions

Last week neutralized all reasons for the growth of euro: the pound sturdily sustained Brexit start, Scotland prepares the second referendum, FRS saves optimism, Trump prepares for a trade war, Libya helped to oil price to grow. ECB reported about saving the current policy by the authoriz... Baca lebih lanjut