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01.02.2021 12:00
Hamsters vs. Robin Hood or what small, trained capital is capable of
The market flash mob of retail traders united by WallStreetBets and Robinhood led to cumulative losses for all hedge funds in January of approximately $75 billion, of which $10 billion was in GameStop stock. Among the victims are Citron, Melvin Capital Management, Maplelane Capital, D1 Capital Part... Read more
25.01.2021 12:00
Politicians take a break: markets keep working rhythm
So … Eurozone EU leaders held a video summit to discuss the situation with the pandemic. New strains of coronavirus amid a shortage of vaccines have led to a discussion about the need to close external and internal borders, but so far they have only agreed to tighten quarantine measures. Today... Read more
18.01.2021 12:00
Making a menu for the new season
Trump's worst show, «Make America Great Again», will close the day after tomorrow, although for some participants this business project has become very profitable. The 45th President of the United States will leave the office and the «three-ring circus» factor will not affect the markets. The US Sen... Read more
11.01.2021 10:00
«Bluff instead of America»: Show closed. What's next?
Trump tried to play all-in with a minimum of trump cards but immediately lost. Crowd, instigated by president, went to storm the shrine of American democracy, completely shutting off their brains and not realizing consequences of their actions. Those who hooligans in the Capitol on January 6 are now... Read more
04.01.2021 10:00
Market is at a fresh start: it's time to synchronize watches
We believe that the main market drivers this year will be: Implementation (and re-integration) of international agreements; Change in US tax policy; The pace of economic recovery; Aggressive policy of central banks. Changing Trump's adventurism to Biden's traditional policies sh... Read more