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24.11.2014 07:45
How much is the Pound?
In present-day conditions, any currency tries to become weaker against dollar, thus hoping to avoid deflation. Pound also supports that tendency. Besides that fact that the current statistics and the Bank of England meeting protocols did not add light in the obscure issue regarding rate increase dat... Read more
18.11.2014 07:59
Swiss Gold: a Friend, an Enemy, or a Problem?
There is an opinion that Switzerland is quite well off for its franc to be the guaranteed reserve currency. The country is the largest external creditor, which puts the national economy into multidimensional dependence on the reliability of such ties. The upcoming "gold" referendum organized in orde... Read more
11.11.2014 07:04
Yen Policy or Shadows on the Rising Sun
The historical moment of FRS ending the last QE round, instead of quiet analysis of lessons learnt from that experiment, brought a new economic abnormality to the currency market - the program of asset-purchase expansion by the Bank of Japan. It is difficult to live in the time of revolutions, but t... Read more
05.11.2014 07:41
Dollar is at its Maximum
Last week, dollar reached its three-week maximum against main currencies. It was caused by unexpected growth of the US GDP in the third quarter, which is, again, a significant confirmation that the decision to stop quantitative easing program was rational. In general, analysts come to the conclusion... Read more