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15.12.2015 07:12
The revolution of rates can't avoided
FRS target reference points have not been achieved by the date of the main decision of the year. Wrong time and bad fundamental background have been selected for rate increase: yuan devaluation, defaults of raw material companies and fall of securities markets, decline of oil prices towards the le... Read more
08.12.2015 07:32
First winter gifts from ECB and OPEC
The phrase "if the conditions allow" is becoming a universal argument for problems and the basis for their resolution. Last week, manipulation with expectations resulted in massive losses and strong adjustment not only of currency but also of stock interests around the world. US dollar index fell by... Read more
01.12.2015 07:19
Will Draghi waver: Euro is in the focus
The market has opened the most important period of the year. Expectation of the ECB's meeting results are clearly overstated: real solutions may disappoint speculators under the current economic indicators and dissentions in ECB. At the same time, stakes on dollar with reagrd to futures continue in ... Read more
24.11.2015 07:05
We never have too much money
The main ideas of the previous week have been completed. FRS and ECB did not knock down general tendencies. FOMC protocols were simply under obligation to show the officials' desire to raise rates in December. However, something went wrong. The Committee is evasive, it is in doubts, it leaves loopho... Read more
17.11.2015 06:53
Protocols: the situation is growing hot
The market response to the terrorist attacks that took place in Paris on Friday evening turned out to have unstable and insignificant effect. The crash of stock indexes was accompanied with strengthening of safe assets. Various inside information regarding the outcome of the ECB's meeting on Decembe... Read more