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09.06.2015 06:33
Summer Optimism or NFP is of no Authority to FRS
All last week movements were tied up to US dollar. Euro rally in the first half of the week ensured active growth of profitability of European bonds, although the unresolved Greek issue was the real cause of those mass sales. Hardly enough that someone expected for this issue to be really resolved i... Read more
02.06.2015 07:20
Europe: Conspiracy Theory in Action
There are only two results of spring trades for Europe: euro-QE has produced expected results, and the Greek crisis continues its stable drift to the point of no return. CPI of key countries has already kicked back from deflation levels. Despite the shift of expectations for FRS rate increase, US do... Read more
26.05.2015 06:47
Europe as a Theater of War Operations
Finally, the past week satisfied dollar followers and turned out to be the best for its index (since September 2011). Those are FRS confident position in the assessment of the US economy in the 2nd quarter, the highest (since January 2013) growth of core inflation by 0.3% m/m, and a more clear Yelle... Read more
19.05.2015 07:29
Europe in a New Search of Positive
Draghi's speech along with quite honest comments on the present situation, traditional Greek problems, and negative American statistics can be considered as the main tone of the last week. The main keynote of the ECB President's speech was inflation as the "remedy" for all economic maladies. The so ... Read more
12.05.2015 07:19
English Breakfast - Victory or Uncertainty?
As it was expected, British pound was the celebrity of the previous week, although the results turned out to be better than expected. Doubts were based on the Conservative’s active criticism of the reserved policy, noninterference in a number of problems, and weak economic data. However, in the long... Read more