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12.05.2015 07:19:00 am
English Breakfast - Victory or Uncertainty?
As it was expected, British pound was the celebrity of the previous week, although the results turned out to be better than expected. Doubts were based on the Conservative’s active criticism of the reserved policy, noninterference in a number of problems, and weak economic data. However, in the long... Read more
05.05.2015 06:47:00 am
Spring Trends - Fresh, Traditional, and Dangerous
It was not the weak US report or weak-willed Japanese policy that were the main drivers of the week, it was not even bleak FOMC comments, but rather a panic on the German bonds market. Pairs with EUR showed the biggest growth, but it was not because of a large volume of bearish positions, it was due... Read more
28.04.2015 07:37:00 am
Rate Passions - Carry Trade Joins the Game
Active sell-offs of the American dollar have been going for the second week - those are the results of impressions caused by weak macro economic data. The statistics on orders regarding long-term use commodities was the last straw - the whole 4% growth was caused by defense contracts without which t... Read more
21.04.2015 07:29:00 am
Greece is Still Slightly in Europe
So it happened - IMF has refused to grant Greece a delay in the regular debt repayment. There comes a moment that everybody anticipated. Greece's rating was lowered, banks received secret orders to get rid of Greek assets, reduce the volume of loans and deposits. Greece has run out of money. It has ... Read more
14.04.2015 07:20:00 am
Eastern Traditions: Yen in the Favorite Trend
We would like to wish each currency such domestic tranquility as present-day Japanese yen demonstrates. BoJ last meeting protocols are incredibly positive: the political course has been preserved, stimulation continues, private consumption is stable, exports are growing, business climate is getting ... Read more