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29.04.2019 12:48
Spring routes do not change
All painful points of the market remain. Euro showed for modest decrease in the IFO index stronger falling, than on excellent american GDP (3.2% against the forecast of 2.2%). Significant falling of a share of import as a part of GDP means that tactics of aggressive protectionism and the sal... Read more
22.04.2019 12:25
The market changes priorities
Mueller's investigation does not confirm Trump's conspiracy with the Russian Federation regarding the impact on the result of elections of the 2016th, but notes 10 episodes which are treated as attempts of the current president to interfere with justice. Congress has to draw a final conclusio... Read more
15.04.2019 11:09
Trump many-faced or mistakes of Bismarck are not relevant yet
Meeting of the ECB The ECB did not begin to adjust policy, and at the last meeting it was limited to assessment of an economic situation and statements for readiness to take measures if necessary. Specific measures of regulation and a detail of the new TLTROs auctions were not discussed ... Read more
08.04.2019 11:55
Brexit: The ninth life. The last?...
The English subject dominates in the market. Signal votes in the parliament of Britain supported none of the offered options of Brexit, and in general process looks fake cover of the global defeat of May. On Friday conciliatory negotiations with Corbyn are also failed because of May's failur... Read more
01.04.2019 11:39
«The English chaos» dominates: who`s fault and what to do?
The current week promises to be active and productive. The promise of the resignation of May did not help: the British parliament for the third time voted against the European Brexit option though this time the government lost by 58 voices against devastating 230 in the first round. Tusk co... Read more