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08.07.2019 11:11
Panic is canceled: Europe trusts female logic
Christine Lagarde's candidacy on a post of the head of the ECB became a shock for the local markets as this lady is the acting Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, and is very effective. Lagarde always highly appreciated to the Draghi`s activity, supported the program euroQE and ... Read more
01.07.2019 11:18
Trade in truce − wholesale and retail
Trump worked on a G20 summit most effectively: another session of nonpublic dialogue of leaders of the USA and China continued only 80 minutes, but it was productive. New sanctions for the Chinese import are postponed, at least, for the period of negotiations. The American companies will be allow... Read more
24.06.2019 11:52
Show Must Go On: same actors
So … FRS Optimistic statements started protective purchases of bonds and gold and led to sales of dollar. Trump is trying to put pressure on the head of the Fed personally, although the Fed has supported market confidence in the imminent reduction of interest rates, but continues to appeal ... Read more
17.06.2019 11:59
There will be no winners: a fight between the ECB and FRS continues
Two largest world regulators openly declare perspectives of interest rates reduction and mitigation of a monetary course. Mitigation of policy of FRS will not reduce profitability and trust to the dollar, but synchronous «investment» moods of most the Central Banks already led to the growth of th... Read more
10.06.2019 11:42
The market looks for the director, but all scenarios are negative so far
ECB Waiting for mitigation of policy of FRS, decisions of the ECB lose in price, the reaction of euro obviously differed from Draghi's expectations. Planned resignation of the head of the ECB makes his guarantees on the preservation of soft policy of the ECB insignificant; the June meeti... Read more