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07.01.2019 11:21:00 am
Room to fail: repentance is cheaper
The situation with Brexit did not change; China prepares for a new fight for the market. The financial world comes back to a habitual operating mode, but active military operations are not expected yet. NFP and FRS Positive audit of data in two last months led to the fact that data on... Read more
24.12.2018 12:56:00 pm
Results of 2018: wars and truces
All painful points of the leaving year remain in inheritance to a future year. Europe and China were the most injured, but solutions of these problems do not coincide. FRS December became a rotary point for a dollar. Expensive credits will slow down consumption and increase in prices, but will... Read more
17.12.2018 11:53:00 am
Questions without answer: the market waiting for miracles
ECB Apparently, the monetary policy of Europe, loyal to global problems, comes to the end together with Draghi's cadence. The meeting was boring: ECB finished the program of purchase of assets, worsened the forecast of growth of the economy, but will not change a rate while inflation is ... Read more
10.12.2018 11:28:00 am
Truces not in a trend: we wait for results of local wars
NFP … was almost ideal, but investors preferred flight in state treasury bills of the USA and a decline in yield of papers promoted to the lack of demand for the dollar. Now it should be traced how this report will be treated by FRS – it is clear that with the current growth of salaries ... Read more
03.12.2018 10:51:00 am
New Year's Eve Market: prizes for optimists and fines for losers
FRS bargains with Trump; Italy weakens, but threatens. Brexit waits for the result of a local parliamentary fight. G20 The final communique is crowded with the purposes on the future and practically does not contain a reasonable assessment of the present. It is supposed to fight against... Read more