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Chinese spot on FRS flag

The market is under the power of "fundamental" elements again. The American employment report has hit the market again, although it looks like new forgery. The Bank of Japan's meeting did not satisfy those who expected the expansion of stimulation programs. China has continued its currency intervent... Read more

FRS and rates: we don't need a war if we have exercises

Last week was oversaturated with fundamental data, and therefore, active speculators has enough opportunities for making money. In general, the market stays suspended, there are still no clear signals. And again, we will dream about the goals of FRS/ECB, digging in the official reports from the both... Read more

Rich euro, poor euro or how Draghi teased the market

As soon as markets hint at stability or decline, there come the threats of the new process under the name of "quantitative easing". After ECB's discussion of negative interest rate, bankers that consider themselves socially oriented made panicky purchases of shares hoping to enjoy a free lunch. Let'... Read more

ECB is on the scene again

Last week, statements made by leaders and financial analysts tried to feel out basic price levels of main assets; however they did not manage to break the general sentiment for dollar strengthening. The interest shifted to the current week - to main fundamental goals: ECB and FRS rates. Last week's ... Read more

October: calm before winter storm

The first non-speculative week has been gradually setting goals for the period until the end of the year. In general, the market has come to the conclusion that FRS has added one more problem to its regular two - global risks. Considering distrust to inflation and confirmation of exports decline in ... Read more