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"Trojan Horse" Policy

The Greek referendum proved once again that there are issues in this word that are to be resolved exceptionally by professionals, and it's best not to involve average people into them. The nation of Greece has said "no" (61.31%) to repayment of European debts and strict domestic saving. The habit to... Read more

Default Day or the Foundation Determines Everything

The Greek tragicomedy is approaching an end risking to pull the key card out of the house of cards called "euro". Today, the destiny of the currency union (and not only of it!) is directly dependent on the decision of European politicians regarding this region. Last week did not produce anything pos... Read more

Who is going to pay for Greece?

The painful points of the previous week made a smooth transfer of problems to this week. Greece is approaching the final straight. The general meaning of the FOMC statement is the following: the Federal Reserve does not know the dates of rate increase. The dollar's first response to the FOMC meeting... Read more

Dollar Passions: Storm has been Postponed until Fall

Last week was worked off under the sign of quite strong economic data from the USA, but diversified and not very active response speaks only about one thing - the market has grown tired of expectation and has little trust in dollar. Simply positive numbers are few, investors need clear signals on th... Read more

Summer Optimism or NFP is of no Authority to FRS

All last week movements were tied up to US dollar. Euro rally in the first half of the week ensured active growth of profitability of European bonds, although the unresolved Greek issue was the real cause of those mass sales. Hardly enough that someone expected for this issue to be really resolved i... Read more