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A new lie in the name of speculations

The market was simply in need of American weekend in order to calm down after the last week's commotion. Draghi made a gift to the market in the form of drop of euro by more than a figure, and NFP, again, did not add any clarity. Today, the market is coming back. A great master class of informationa... Read more

Lessons of Chinese or the patient is still under control

Last week clearly showed inefficiency of Western measures for supporting economy in case of need. A "mini-crash" that occurred last Monday caused not only an interruption of the American stock market, but also a monthly range of currency movement in a couple of hours. The risk has remained the main ... Read more

Time of Dragon

Asian stock market fell again, producing the echo of margin calls all over the world. Chinese Shanghai Composite Index, at closing on Monday lost 8.9%, the other markets are narrowing simultaneously. Raw materials market index Bloomberg Commodity Index has been minimal since the beginning of the yea... Read more

The three whales of the last week: China, Greece, FRS

Even high mountains will not keep clouds - says a Chinese proverb. The Chinese Central Bank decided to devalue the yuan and liberalize the currency regime, which caused a downfall of many markets and emergence of the idea of new currency wars. The strongest economy with tough rate regulation is the ... Read more

Market as producer: dollar gets a Wild West scenario and Greece - Vienna's forest fairy tales

Last week was saturated with news and price drive: NFP, "the British Thursday", SNB with its currency interventions and active decline of raw materials markets were successfully turning attention from Eurozone. It is to no purpose, since a new nerve knot has been developing there. According to Moody... Read more