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Japan has taken revenge on everyone

The market did not expect such active actions from the Japanese regulator. Already cheap, Japanese shares have fallen almost by 17% without a hope for recovery. ECB's active hints at its readiness to weaken the monetary policy as soon as in March led to the growth of pressure on yen and eu... Read more

ECB and FRS: revision of lessons learned

Last week, stock and raw materials markets still operated due to the new perspectives of the expansion of the ECB's stimulus measures and those of the Bank of Japan, as well as due to the progress in numerous negotiations of the oil producing countries. US dollar grew stronger against euro... Read more

Living 30 days with the new rates

The outgoing week produced a new chunk of information regarding the ECB's intents, nervous statistics from Asia, weak American data, and new oil speculations. The market was in turbulence searching for reliable factors and was not able to find anything better but rather continued the panic... Read more

East during New Year season

Finally, this dangerous week, when all the news seemed bad, has ended. A new panic caused by the fall of yuan exchange rate and the collapse of Chinese shares is going on. There are no strong fundamental reasons for termination of the stock exchange panic yet. Perhaps, it has been twenty ... Read more

Asia, oil, FRS: entering the New Year with old luck

The December market, in general, showed little response to the raise of FRS rate: companies consolidated profit for embellishing their reports. Last year ideas have not lost their relevance, we should expect opening of long positions in US dollar in January. Moreover, there are enough of r... Read more