10.03.2017 14:15

Switch to Daylight Saving Time

Changes in the schedule of trading in currency pairs and metals due to switch to Daylight Saving Time

Dear Clients and Partners!

Please, note that as of March 12, 2017, the USA will switch to Daylight Saving Time. European countries will switch to Daylight Saving Time two weeks later - on March 26, 2017. Due to this fact, the schedule of financial instruments trading will be changed. Please, take this information into consideration when making transactions with currency contracts.

Metals (XAUUSD и XAGUSD): From March 12 to 26 metals trading will be opened at 00:05 and closed at 23:00 (trading server time). From March 26, 2017, metals trading will be carried out according to the schedules indicated in the contract specifications: 01:00-23:59 (trading server time).

Please, note that on March 17 and 24, the trading session in all instruments will end at 23:00 (trading server time).

Sincerely yours,
ForexChief Team