04.10.2017 14:47

Changes in the list of Contracts

New trading instruments: Stock Index CFDs

Dear Clients and Partners!

We are pleased to announce the expansion of the list of trading instruments. Since October 1, 2017 new contracts are available for trading: Stock Index CFDs.

ForexChief Stock Index CFDs

List of available Indexes:

  • AUS200 (ASX200 Stock Index)
  • EUSTX50 (EURO STOXX50 Stock Index)
  • FRA40 (CAC40 Stock Index)
  • GER30 (DAX30 Stock Index)
  • HK50 (HK50 Stock Index)
  • JPN225 (Nikikei225 Stock Index)
  • NAS100 (NASDAQ100 Stock Index)
  • SPA35 (IBEX35 Stock Index)
  • UK100 (FTSE100 Stock Index)
  • US500 (S&P500 Stock Index)

Full contract specifications for a new trading instruments you can find in the section of Contract Specifications.

Sincerely yours,
ForexChief Team